Product Care

Firstly rinse all pieces with water, then remove the glass bowl by hand. The easiest way to do this is to slowly "rock" the bowl back and forth while simultaneously applying upward pressure. Allow all pieces to soak in 90% isopropyl alcohol for 20 mins. After the soak, wash the product thoroughly with hot water and soap. If needed you can use a toothbrush, tooth picks, pipe-cleaners, or Q-tips to assist in the removal of residue and buildup.

***When putting the glass bowl back into the pipe piece ensure the silicone band is on the bottom portion on the bowl before you push it into place. Ensure no parts of the band are exposed (above of flush with the bowl) when the bowl reaches the bottom of the pipe. A direct flame can damage the silicone band.***

DO NOT USE glass cleaners such as 420 Formula® or 710 Formula®. These products contain de-natured alcohol and other chemicals that can strip the anodize coating.

DO NOT boil your grinder in water. Any damage caused by improper cleaning will not be warrantied.